Ashley Boham (CO) demonstrates good speed and technique
Glory days....Heather Matthews shows a pack of boys the fast way around the track
../CHADA-99.jpg (99346 bytes) Sister Act-Cara Chada racing Amatuer, takes flight, while sister Jessica Snyder races pro.  Photo by : Steve Bonnau
../FLANDERS-WHITEHOUSE_BATTLE-DANIA.jpg (72265 bytes) Patty Whitehouse (718) and Nichole Flanders (165) had a heated battle in Ft. Lauderdale.   Flanders ended up taking a soil sample, and an exhausted Whiltehouse due to their intense battle,.was passed in the late stages of the moto by April Hodges for the overall.
Ashley Fioleck, deaf since birth, takes a flight to freedom
After a 6 year retirement, Heather Matthews showed up in Colorado for the cup, borrowed a bike, and rode to a holeshot and fifth in the beginner class.  Not bad !
April Hodges, Patty Whitehouse and Angie Keuntjes enter the turn three abreast each with different ideas on the best line thru the turn.  Who do you think came out on top?
Tayler Lacey age 11 of Las Vegas, NV shows how it is done.
Laura Little doubles up the whoops at Glen Helen
../MADDEN-ON_THE_LINE.jpg (109302 bytes) Tamara madden relaxes on the line prior to the start.  Look for Tamara to be sporting Pro colors in 2001
Madden-On the pegs and on the gas
I've got a secret !!!  Amateur winner Lynettte Wosick (CA) and Pro Champion Bau, share racing secrets prior to the start of the final moto of the year.
Pee Wee Air !
Michelle Trefethen-checks out the competition
../kimberly4.jpg (53284 bytes)
Future Star, 11 year old. Kimberly Kocher of Paris, OH grabs some air at a night race.