Stefy Bau Roosts out of a corner during the cup at Broome-Tioga in Binghamton, NY
Shelly Kann-Confident-Winner of the Cup this day in Binghamton

Crowd at trophy presentation for Washougal National

Traci Fleming has the home track advantage at mastering the huge Washougal whoops

Under the watchful eye of Pro Action's George Quay, Shelly Kann prepares for the start of moto 1's National at Binghamton.  Kann went on to nail 4 holeshots on the weekend

Riders line up for the women's Pro/Amateur start at the Glen Helen opener

East coast Diva Amber Hughes rode hard at Binghamton, but encountered several hard  falls in route to a disappointing finish

Shelly "Shaka" Kann displays the form that brought her the World title

Traci Fleming came to the cup with high expectations, but lady luck wasn't smiling on this day, for the fast female flyer from Washington.

 Racing was very tight for the cup title.  Defending Champion Wood (1), would crash hard on lap one, sidelining her for the remainder of the competition.  Kann won the war, while Shealy (53) rode with a severely twisted knee and a broken sternum which she sustained at Lorett'a Lynns to a strong but painful third
National Champion and second in the world in 97, Traci Fleming prepares to do battle.  Strong willed and confident, the speedster didn't have things go her way in 1998
The jump that made her famous....Tania Satchwell of New Zealand was the first woman rider to completely clear this huge table top at Binghamton that measured over 100 feet !! Whoo Hoo !

Washougal national pro and amateur start

Rebecca Gillet # 22 takes the Pro holeshot, but is later disqualified when it is discovered she was racing a 250.  1998 marked the first year that all pros had to run the same displacement size.  Gillet appealed the decision but the ruling stood.

And the 1998 National champion is ..... Dee Wood !  With consistent rides, Dee Wood (TX) wrapped up the title without winning a single moto !
Oh what a difference a good start can make !  Pro Title hopefuls Tania Satchwell (148) and Sedanna Losey (60), suffer horrendous starts and find themselves battling with the Amateur pack as they work their way through the field
Dee Wood rode smart and consistent to score the title against a very competitive field