Stefy Bau heads into the finish chute at Hangtown enroute to victory.
Ashley Boham (Colorado) shows good form under rutty conditions at Glen Helen
Stefy Bau points to the crowd in celebration of her win at Budds Creek, MD
Cara Chada (IL) launches into orbit.  Photo by: Steve Bonnau

Nikki Harris makes history at the Houston SX  

Photo by: Steve Bruhn TFS


Racing action during the Hangtown National.  Shelly Kann (4) leads the fight, with Angie Keuntjes (5) and Tania Satchwell (7) banging bars in pursuit.
Angie Keuntjes airs it out at Mammoth
Laura Little (Colorado) doubles up the whoops at Glen Helen
Who ever said women's racing is boring, just hasn't been paying attention.  Angie Keuntjes (41) Bonnie Warch (37) and Sheena Patterson (36) mix it up at Mammoth.
Multi champ-Kristy Shealy racing one of the last Nationals of her career at Hangtown
Stefy Bau airs it out at Budds Creek, MD
Sister act-Jessica Snyder shows good form at Budds.  Photo by: Steve Bonnau
First corner action at Hangtown.  Bau (77) exits the frame in control of the holeshot over Warch (100), Harris (6), Fleming (3), Shelley Compton in green, Michelle Bednar (14) Shalie Thorwaldson (21) and Candace English (199)