1995 U.S. Women's Stadium-cross Team-

L-R: Mikki Gonzales, Sue Cheney, Corina Chinen, Tami Rice, Bonnie Warch, Lisa Henderson, Jodi Hollow, Shelly Kann, Jamie Pamintuan, Gale Webb, Amber Hughes, Becky Kukla, Debbie Matthews, Lydia Hoeppner, Mollie Bourke

Pee wee action -Girl Power-Perris raceway, CA

Corina Chinen -An American tradition of excellence-Glen Helen, CA
Record crowds gather to witness national women's racing for the first time
Debbie Matthews-Barona World cup.  Matthews rode three different bikes in 2 motos and practice, breaking bikes in 2 of the three outings.  Fellow competitor Mollie Bourke, offered Deb her back up bike, which Deb gratefully accepted and promptly pulled the holeshot.

Matthews shows great form practicing at a private track in San Bernardino

Classic dual... Arch rivals and friends, Dee Wood and Kristy Shealy battle during the 95 San Diego Ultracross.  Wood made a costly error in the whoops dropping her to third, while Shealy wheelied all the way to the line for second

Da Winner.....  Amber Hughes receives the accolades of the crowd and an interview from ESPN's Jerry Bernardo following her win at the San Diego Ultracross over Shealy and Wood

Traci Fleming hard on the gas at Unadilla, shows why she earned that big # 1

Traci Fleming receives her # 1 plate from AMA National 250 champion Doug Henry at Washougal in 1997
1994-Participants of Westcoast National in Calif.

1996-Participants of the Washougal National

Heather Matthews grabs some air in the beginner class in Colorado
Role Model- Lisa Henderson signs a young female fans shirt during the San Diego, SX in 1995
Jamie Pamintuan (CA) rails a Glen Helen berm in practice with picture perfect form -1997
1996 Washougal National-Series winner Shelly Kann-left, shares a laugh with series rival and runner up Shelley Hickman of New Zealand.  Kann secured the title, when Hickman's bike broke within sight of the flag.  The two were virtually side by side at the time.  Hickman, spent over 10k of her own money to travel to the USA in pursuit of the title.  The title loss was a bitter disappointment, but she arrived home a national hero.

Heir to the first Outdoor crown.  Shelly Kann...Smart, consistent, fast

Whee, I'm having so much fun ! 

Tiffany Reed airs it out over the 100 ft table at the beautiful Radium, BC, Canada track during the 97 cup. 
Colorado' s Brookie Renker and Cheryl Place plot strategy during the Washougal national in 1997
16 year old Tanya Roberts of Ohio pops the cork on the biggest win of her career with fellow winner Jeff Emig at Unadilla -1997
Tight quarters-  Start action at the 96 Washougal national...Shelly Kann (67) leads, Jenny Pray (54), Shelley Hickman (121)Debbie Matthews (11), Traci Fleming (913), Mollie Bourke (189), Sedanna Losey (24), Brookie Renker(511) and the pack through turn one.
1997-Washougal national women's start