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Amazingly simple to use!!  Better than text message chat rooms*!!  Welcome to our real time voice chat room!!! Get started now with the box to the left!!!  Talk to ya in a minute!   *(Psst! If you right click your mouse over CLICK HERE FOR OPTIONS you can also TEXT chat with us!!)

Please see below for simple instructions!!  You can be chatting with us LIVE in as little as 60 seconds!!!

Note:  If you only see YOUR name in the box to the left, you are the ONLY person in the room.  We are working on a regularly scheduled chat time, so stay tuned for details!

If you have any questions about using this page or are having problems connecting after reading the instructions below, please email our webmaster who will try to assist you.  

FAQ's, instructions and requirements (taken from the website)

What are the system requirements?

Note: Windows 2000 is not currently supported.

What is HearMe VoicePresence?

HearMe VoicePresence lets you talk with anyone visiting the same web page. Using your PC, speakers, and microphone, you can talk to others over the Internet. Best of all, it's free!

You can tell your friends and relatives to meet you on this web page to talk, or you can just chat with whoever's here. (If you have your own website, you can add HearMe VoicePresence for free by visiting

The VoicePresence device doesn't seem to do anything. How do I make it work?

If the device shows a blank white box with no users in it, it means either:

Please click here to see the system requirements list for further information.

Why can't I see another person that I know is looking at the same page

Make sure the other person's web browser is pointed EXACTLY at the same URL. For example, is not the same chat room as

How do I change my name?

If you're listed as "Guest" followed by a number, you can change your name by clicking on the text area labeled "Click Here For Options" and then selecting the "Change Name" option. Your current name should be highlighted in purple.

Some Web pages automatically set your name for you. If the owner of the page containing the VoicePresence device has set the page up to do that, you won't be able to change your name from within VoicePresence. 

How do I talk?

Press and hold down the "Talk" button at the bottom left hand corner of the VoicePresence device to talk. The "Talk" button says "Live" when you're talking and the volume meter to the right indicates how loud you sound to others in the room.

You may also talk by holding down the F9 key on your keyboard.

Other people can't hear me. How do I adjust my microphone?

This is typically caused by:

First try moving the microphone closer to your mouth and talking while holding down the Talk button. The volume meter should reach several bars of green, or even some bars of yellow while you are talking.

If moving the microphone does not work, you can increase the microphone sensitivity by:

  1. Double clicking on the small speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of your Windows taskbar.
    If you do not see a speaker icon, your computer isn't set up to use sound. You will need to install a sound card as well as the software to control it (the "drivers" that come with the card) to participate in voice chat.
  2. Select the Options menu
  3. Select the Properties submenu
  4. Select the "Recording" radio button
  5. Make sure the "Microphone" checkbox is checked
  6. Click "OK" when done.
    At this point, the volume control panel may change to reflect input volume level control.
  7. Make sure that "Microphone" is selected.
  8. You can turn up or down the microphone volume level now.
If the volume is still too low, with some sound cards, you can select the "Advanced" option under the microphone volume control. You can check either the "Automatic Gain Control" checkbox or the "Mic Gain" checkbox to further increase the volume.

How do I use text chat?

If you'd like to chat with other users using text rather than audio, click on the "Click Here for Options" message near the bottom of the VoicePresence device. Select "Show Text Window" from the menu and you can use text chat. You can text chat while someone else is talking.

You can resize and move the text chat window if you like. 

How do I ignore an obnoxious user?

You can ignore, or not hear, another user by right-clicking on the user's name and selecting the pop-up "ignore" button. You will no longer hear the person speaking and a muted speaker icon will display on the left side of their name as long as you have ignore in effect. If you want to listen again to someone you have ignored, right-click again and deselect the "ignore" option.

I don't want to talk right now. How do I turn off VoicePresence?

To temporarily stop using HearMe VoicePresence, click on the "Click Here for Options" message near the bottom of the VoicePresence device. Select "Disconnect" from the menu and you'll leave the chat room. VoicePresence will remember that you don't want to be connected, and you won't connect to chat on any Web pages that have the VoicePresence device.

When you decide you'd like to chat again, simply click on the VoicePresence device. 

My Internet Explorer says "Your browser is not configured to install ActiveX plugins" when I try to install VoicePresence.

To enable the installation of VoicePresence, perform the following steps:
  1. Select the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Internet Options menu item.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. Either set the security level to at most Medium or click the Custom Level button.
  5. If you clicked Custom Level, a new window will pop up. You will need to select Enable for the following items:

Can I use HearMe VoicePresence on my Mac?

Sorry....not at this time.  Beta software is being tested though!

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