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                                                             instructors.jpg (13475 bytes)Debbie Matthews - California
Debbie began her industry career working in the parts department at a dealership and within a few years became one of the motorcycle industries first female Parts Managers.  Debbie gained experience in sales, marketing, shipping, management and advertising and was promoted to General manager. In 1984 she opened Racers Choice, a highly successful Motorcycle Accessory store.  Following the birth of two children, Debbie left the business in 1991 but continues to be active in the industry.

A successful off-road Amateur and Professional competitor, Debbie was Nationally ranked as the number 2 Amateur racer in the country in 1976, and turned Professional in 1977.  Debbie quickly advanced earning multiple top 5 National rankings as a professional and earning the coveted National title in 1988.   Debbie's finished 5 times in the top 5 Pro's Nationally during her career, as well as 4 times as a vet pro, and 3 times at the coveted Ladies World Cup.   She also holds the record for the longest consecutive pro and amateur career span in Women's Motocross competition (26 years).  In addition Debbie holds the record for top 15 Women Professional National rankings in motocross finishing inside the top 15 national pro women in the country every year from 1977 to 1997. (20 years!!)

In 1981, the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) District 37 honored her, for her dedication to motorcycling.  In 1982, she was chosen to represent the United States of American in at the Tokyo Supercross in Japan.   In 1998 she received the AMA MVP award for her contributions to enhance female participation in the sport.  She also was a keynote speaker at the inaugural AMA National Women in Motorcycling Conference in 1997 speaking on in women in competition. In 2000, Debbie was invited by the AMA to be a member of the advisory committee for the Motorcycle Hall of Fame and Museum and to conduct a Motocross school and off road motorcycle demo during the 2nd annual AMA Women in Motorcycling conference. The school and demo was so popular that the class sold out and over 200 women street riders demo'd off road bikes during the conference.

Debbie has been featured regularly on multiple television, radio, newspaper and magazine articles spanning her career which include, Speedvision, Motoworld, ESPN2, ABC Wide World Of Sports, NBC TV, TNN, KTLA, FOX, Sportstalk, Hear me roar,  Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Buena Park News and numerous industry and internet publications which include: Racer X, Cycle News, AMA Magazine, Motocross Magazine, Motorcycle Dealer News, Motorcycle Industry Magazine, American Woman Motorscene,, Woman's MX News magazine,,,, and many others .  Debbie is also an accomplished writer with monthly columns in several printed and online magazines.

In 1994, The U.S. Women's Motocross Team (later known as the U.S. Women's Motocross League) contacted Debbie to assist in the development of the team as their Promotion/Race Director. Within a year, Debbie became co-director of the effort. Under the WML umbrella, Debbie developed and creating the first ever-Free Women Only Motocross schools taught by men professional champions Doug Dubach, Mike Kiedrowski and Greg Albertyn. She also promoted the Ladies World Cup events from 1995 -1999. In addition she Co-created the first Women's Stadiumcross Championships with the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group in 1995 and the WML/AMA National championship Series in 1996-1999.  In 1997, she met with members of the AMA congress to ratify changes in the constitution recognizing a women's "A" rider classification for the first time in history. With the growth of the women's market now firmly established, Debbie retired from the WML in June of 1999 to dedicate herself to the promotion, marketing and teaching of women's motocross full time.  The result is DMSports-WSMX, Inc.

Debbie is also active in her church where she serves as an advisor to the youth.  She regularly gives presentations at hospitals and local schools on Career Day on Motorcycling as a career.  Debbie is also an instructor for WSMX riding schools, specializing in learn to ride to advanced training.  She enjoys family, rock climbing, camping and jet skiing in addition to her other activities.

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Lisa Gallo - Nevada  

Lisa began her motorcycling career recreational riding in 1973.  Later that year she began competing in local Motocross events in the Las Vegas area.   She received training from Gary Bailey, Donnie Hansen, Mike Kiedrowski, and Greg Albertyn.  She also attended Desert Clinics taught by Daryl Folks and the late Danny Hamel.

 During the first 3 years of competition, Lisa finished 6th in the men's 125 Junior class out of 70 riders.  Lisa began her desert career in the 250cc class in the desert, and in 1995 she joined the WML.   

1995 marked a turning point in Lisa's career.  Racing and training full time with the caliber of riders of the WML was producing, yielded impressive results.  Lisa turned a stellar performance earning 2nd in the Vet Pro class at the prestigious Ladies World Cup, 2nd at the West Coast Nationals, 2nd at the White Brothers World Vet Championships and 2nd at the OTHG Nationals. 

In 1996, Lisa racked up several prestigious titles.  By year's end, Lisa had established herself as the premier Vet Pro Rider in the world.  Lisa placed First at the Ladies World Cup, and backed it up with Championships at the White Brothers World Championships and the very tough Vegas to Reno race in the Best of the Desert Series.   She also finished 2nd at Mammoth and 5th at the Adelanto Grand Prix. 

In 1997, Lisa traveled to Canada to race the Ladies World Cup.  With no Vet class available at the Canadian event, Lisa entered the 125 pro class and finished 7th overall. 

Lisa is a member of the WML, AMA, MRAN and Best in the Desert.  She is currently employed by Sports West Yamaha in Las Vegas and races a YZ125 and YZ250.   Most recently she has received media exposure from ESPN, Motoworld, Speedvision, PBS, Cycle News and Dirt Rider magazine.

Since joining with Debbie Matthews Women's School of Motocross in 1999, the schools have expanded to include 6 satellite regions.  Lisa feels confident that offering quality training to women riders by women riders is essential to raising the skill level, professionalism and acceptance of the Motorcycling community.

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Jenny Pray - Washington/Oregon

At 22 years of age Jenny Pray already has 7 years of racing experience stacked in her petite frame.  Jenny fist began competing in 1992, and quickly developed into one of the nations most talented, dedicated professionals.   A full time student at Western Washington University, Jenny aspires to be an elementary education teacher.  

With experience in many classroom settings, as well as being an accomplished Aerobic, weight room instructor and a personal fitness trainer for a 97-98 International Six Day Enduro racer, becoming a trainer for WSMX, fits right in with Jenny's dream of being a professional educator.  When Jenny is not hitting the books hard, you can bet she's at the track hitting berms and catching big air!  

In 1993, Jenny won the prestigious Women's National title in the 125 Junior class at Perris, CA, as well as earning 2nd in the Woodland and Pac West series.  Since that time Jenny has consistently racked up impressive wins in the Woodland Winter Series, Pac West Nationals, Gold Star Series, as well as finishing 2nd and 4th in the International dealers Challenge.  In 1997, Jenny finished 4th in the Pro class during the Washougal  round of the AMA/WML National Women's Championship Series.  In 1999, Jenny finished an incredible 7th overall at the Washougal National, racing with torn cartilage in her ribs !  Jenny will carry National # 15 as she races into the millennium amongst the top 100 riders in the World !   A resident of Lynwood, WA. Jenny competes regularly in both men and women's divisions in Washington and Oregon states.  

Jenny's future goals include becoming the dominant figure and role model in Women's Motocross and becoming a top competitor in the men's intermediate class.  To accomplish this goal, Jenny trains Aerobically 3-5 hours per week; weight lifts 2-4 hours per week and rides at least 2 times a week !  All this while maintaining a 3.4 GPA and working at Lynwood Yamaha in her spare time! 

When Jenny is not breaking hearts and busting' berms, she enjoys camping, wake boarding, water skiing and dancing.   

Jenny's love for people and the outdoors is the perfect combination to make her an excellent trainer for WSMX.  Jenny is confident she can help riders develop more confidence, utilize proper technique, and offer support and motivation.

Tiffany Reed-OHIO


Affectionately known as Hotdog, Tiffany began her racing career at the tender age of 5 years old.  Tiffany quickly learned the ropes racing in the 50, 65, 80, 125, 250, schoolboy, age group classes and the womens amateur and pro divisions.  

By 1995, at the age of 12 as an amateur, Tiffany qualified for the prestigious AMA Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals, where she placed 35th.  The following year at the championships she placed 13th.  That same year she raced in the inaugural AMA/WML National Championship Series and placed 10th overall in the Pro Class.  1996 marked a breakthrough for the young gun as she romped to a 5th place at the Ladies World Cup, and backed it up with a 9th at the AMA Amateur Nationals, and a 2nd overall in the AMA/WML Nationals that year.  

In 1998, Tiffany raced in the inaugural Womens 100cc (12-15 yr) class at Lorettas tying for the overall win in the class.  1999 brought a year of rebuilding as injuries forced Tiffany to sit out the season.  In 2000, Tiffany came back with a vengeance placing 4th overall in the Womens 125 + class at the AMA Amateur Nationals.  Tiffany also debuted as a WSMX trainer at the AMA Womens Conference and performed a Motocross exhibition for the crowds. 

Tiffany enjoys Jet skiing, Basketball and Music and is an award winner in Band.  Her goals include winning the AMA Amateur National title and being inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame.  

As a trainer for WSMX Tiffany is excited about helping young girls and women be more prepared for riding or racing by teaching correct techniques to allow the riders to be better, more complete riders, filled with the confidence and skill to be champions.



Mikki Douglass

Mikki Kim Douglass from Cle Elum, Washington, began her sports career as a swimmer, winning a silver medal at the Junior Olympics by the time she was fourteen.  But, while swimming could be fast, it wasn't quite fast enough.  Borrowing a neighbor's mini bike, Mikki caught the addictive moto bug at age 14 and never looked back.  Two wheels were now a prerequisite in order to qualify as a fun, fast and legitimate sport.  Mikki would go on to win the Grand National Motocross Championship in the mid eighties.  A serious leg injury ended her short but successful year - but launched a new one!  An employee from Team Green helped get Mikki involved in Road Racing - not on motorcycles this time - but on a bicycle.  The speed and fitness involved was addicting, and Mikki soon became a successful Criterium racer.  College put a hold on her athletic career, but after the four years she discovered that the world of cycling had taken a turn toward excitement - the Mountain Bike Circuit was launched and it was BIG.  Downhill Mountain Biking was tailor-made for the ex-motocross racer!  Mikki spent most of the 90's touring the Nation and the World.  She spent most of her career riding for the Subaru/Mountain Dew/Specialized Team and made the cut on the United States Cycling Team (representing the U.S. in the World Championships) four years in a row.  Mikki retired from cycling in 1997, after winning three Nationals and earning the number two plate in Professional Downhilling.  Mikki would go on to win the Veteran's National Championship before calling it quits.  Now it was time to ride for fun and to give something back to the sports that she enjoyed for so many years.  Mikki worked for Specialized for the next two Summers - traveling the Nation and helping women learn bike handling skills.  Tired of travel, she now teaches classes out of her home state - from Motocross to Woods Riding to the twister's counterpart - cycling - Mikki teaches women, kids and beginners how to ride, then how to ride faster.  Mikki has coached young riders since retiring from competitive sports and is excited to introduce the 2001 Boot Camp!  Come out and join us for a week of intense training!  See you on the trail....  or the track!
Wally Shearer

Wally Shearer has been riding dirt and road bikes forever.  He has raced motocross and Cross Country and has won several Amateur Championships.  As a career firefighter/paramedic, Wally injured his shoulder several years ago and was forced to retire.  Strength training rehab. have enabled him
 to continue his riding and help others learn how to ride and compete.  Wally is an expert woods rider and and spends most of his Summer leading guided rides throughout the East Slopes of the Cascade Range.  Also an experienced Motocrosser, Wally excels in teaching and helping riders improve their skills and their lap times.  Wally rides a Yamaha WR-250F.

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Sherri Stephens > - Texas 

Trainers-Sherri Stephens (Left) and Mollie Bourke (Right)  Clown around in the rain at Unadilla

    bourke-stephens clown in the rain.jpg (54947 bytes)

 Born and raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Sherri learned to ride at age 6 and began racing Motocross by the age of 13. Sherri honed her skills and ventured to the Mecca of amateur racing, the prestigious AMA Amateur Nationals held at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch in Tennessee. Sherri raced the famed championship 5 times, with a career high in 1996 of 7th overall. Sherri also raced in the WML Ladies Pro Division that year at High Point, Steel City, and Unadilla Nationals, placing inside the top ten fastest women in the country.

Sherri moved to Texas to pursue her education and earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of North Texas. In the summer of 1999 Sherri entered Cross Country racing for the first time. Sherri put her Motocross experience to good use, earning enough points in two events to place 13th overall in the Ladies Expert division in her first year of competition.

In 2000 Sherri captured the TCCRA Ladies Expert Cross Country State Championship in only her second year of Cross Country competition. Her goals for 2001 are to move out of the Ladies Expert and show the "boys" how to ride in the woods" by pursuing a title in the 200cc Intermediate Men's Division.

While her goals include continued championships in her new passion Cross Country racing, Sherri also has dreams of earning a factory backed ride. With 11 years of racing experience, Sherri committed to becoming a WSMX trainer for both MX and Cross Country. Sherri is determined to be the best trainer she can be, for herself and for those whom she teaches.

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Mollie Bourke - Colorado


Mollie's racing career began early.  Not only was Mollie a very gifted Motorcycle rider, Mollie was also the 1993 Giant Slalom Skiing Champion in High School.  Recognizing her coaching abilities, following her graduation from High School, her coaches invited her to become part of the Ski coaching staff at her former Alma Mater Battle Mountain High School.  Mollie coached several successful seasons, and still remains an active part of the program.   Mollie competed in Motocross at the Amateur and Professional level for many years, racing at the AMA Amateur National Championships, the WML National Championships, Mammoth Mountain and the Women's World Cup.  At each one of these races, Mollie is always a tough, but well liked competitor.  Mollie strives for excellence, but is  always willing to offer advice or a helping hand.  

From 1991-1996 Mollie was the premier women's rider in Colorado, winning three SRAC Women's MX Championships and five SRAC Women's SX Championships, finishing second only once due to injury.  Looking for a new challenge, Mollie in 1994 began racing the World Cup events as a 125 pro.  Mollies finishes were impressive at the cup, finishing 5th-125cc pro in 1994, 4th-125 and 250 pro in 1995.  In 1994, Mollie also raced the AMA Amateur National Championships, placing 8th.Mollie also raced the famed Mammoth Mountain Motocross in 1991 finishing first  in the Amateur division.  The following year she moved to pro finishing 5th in 92 and 93, 8th in 94, 5th in 95 and 6th  in 96.  Mollie is also one of the original riders to compete in the MTEG Women's SX Series in 1995 and the WML National Series in 1996, organized by Debbie Matthews  During the 96 Nationals Mollie placed 4th overall against the best riders in the country, and as she puts it: "had the best time of her life."  Mollie graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in business and currently manages the family owned excavation company.  Mollie offers special qualities in a trainer with her easy going manner, friendly personality and her willingness to go the extra mile to assist riders to be their best.

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Jennifer Shultz - West Virginia 

Riding since age 4, Jennifer demonstrates a unique blend of patience, perseverance and skill. Her quiet demeanor is offset by a competitive alter ego that shines out on the track. Jennifer took up racing in 1993 and is one of the Nations top performers in both Cross-Country and Motocross.

Just three years into her racing career, Jennifer became the Ohio State Women's Motocross Champion in 1996. The following year Jennifer finished 6th at the prestigious AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships in 1997 and followed it up with a 5th in 1998. Jennifer also excelled in Cross-Country where she earned the Grand National Cross Country Series Women's Championships in 1998 and 1999.

Jennifer's future goals include winning the GNCC title for a third consecutive time, and placing inside the top 5 at the AMA National Championships.

Jennifer loves the outdoors. Her hobbies include Hiking, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Running, and Free riding.


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