WSMX locations in the United States

We now offer 10 convenient locations to better serve your instructional needs!!!!  

Location means everything!!!

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 Voice & Fax 949.837.2206  or    email us


Dublin, CA           Voice-925-833-9093



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA   Voice 702.648.7659 or email us  

SPARKS, (RENO) NEVADA Voice 775.677.4248 or email


LYNNWOOD 425.743.6919 email us   & EASTON, WASHINGTON 509.674.1540 email us

DALLAS, TEXAS   Voice - 469-233-5218 email:us


GREELEY, CO   Voice - 970-353-1666 email us

Salt Rock, West Virginia        Voice 304-733-6595  email: us

Ironton, Ohio        Voice 740-534-9324   email us


Remember.....our instructors can come to you!! Call our California location for more details!

Yes, please sign me up for a WSMX School!

(please cut and paste, print, and fill out the following form)

Name ___________________________________________________   

Address _________________________________________________

City _________________    State __________    Zip ____________

Phone # ____________________    Age of student _____________

Fax ________________________    Email _____________________

School date requested _________________  

Type (please circle one)    Private    Travel    Group

Location (please circle one)  

Texas  California   Colorado   Nevada   Wash./Oregon   West Virginia  Ohio   Travel


Rental Equipment Needed-$50 Rental fee per day 

(please circle desired items)  Riding Gear  Motorcycle

Type of School desired (please circle one) 

Motocross  Desert  Cross Country   Off Road    Learn to Ride

Payment (please circle one)    Cash    Check    Money Order  Credit Card

Credit Card # ________________________________ Exp ____________

Amount remitted ____________ Skill Level/Experience ______________

Please remit payment to:  

WSMX, Inc., 26001 Corriente Ln., Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Gate fees extra.  Must sign a release form and pay fees prior to start of school. Rider and crew participates at own risk.  Rider has the option at anytime to withdraw from school for any reason.  Rider acknowledges the WSMX is not obligated to provide refunds.  Rider agrees to hold harmless school, agents, instructor or track and personnel and covenants not to sue.  Rider agrees to abide all rules and follow instructions given.

Rider Signature ________________________________ Date ___________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________  Date ___________

Drivers License Number of Consenting Parent or Guardian __________________________________

Notary Signature if under 18 _____________________ Date ___________

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