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Jacki Hudson (TX) pulls the holeshot at the start of the SX race during the DM Sports Series Warm up held in conjunction with the Chaparral Pro-AM at Glen Helen.  DM Sports-WSMX raised over $3,000 for cancer victim Scott O'Husky at the event.


Jacki Hudson chases Stefy Bau during day two of the DM Sports Series final at Glen Helen.  Bau and Hudson went 1/2 for the weekend, with Bau claiming the championship and Hudson taking 4th in the series

TRP Starting Gates guru and Fresh's Women's MX News Editor, Michelle Trefethen hit round one of the series at Ocala, placing fourth overall.

Heidi Cooke flies the friendly skies of Ocala, FL

Sarah Bazin, shows no respect in her helmet wear for those other guys...

April Hodges (117) and patty Whitehouse (718) duel for top Amateur honors at Air Dania, in Ft. Lauderdale, while Angie Keuntjes looks on while running 2nd Pro after a fall.

Jacki Hudson (TX) on the attack at Glen Helen

Angie Keuntjes leads Jessica Patterson and Stefy Bau at Ocala in a battle that stayed this close all day.  Patterson took the win, after Keuntjes suffered a flat, but tenaciously stayed close, while Bau ended up third.

Sheena Patterson (CA) airs it out during the SX event at the Chapparal Pro-AM

Keuntjes--on the gas at Ocala, while Jessica Patterson applies pressure from behind.

Tayler Lacey (NV) shows great potential and form on her way to the 60-105cc class win at Glen Helen

Tamara Madden (AZ) grew faster and more confident with each race.  Look for her to be wearing pro colors in 2001

Kristi Myers (TX) rookie pro season was impressive, finishing 5th overall in the series

Best friends and rivals-Jessica Patterson and Angie Keuntjes smile after a great day of fun at the track

Tiffany Reed (OH), on the comeback trail after a serious injury which threatened to end her career.  Tiffany carded a 4th on this day, and rounded out the year with a 4th a the AMA Amateur National Championships !!  Way to go Tiff !!!!

Amateur winners from Ocala-L to R: Patty Whitehouse, April Hodges, Angela Ferro and Ashley Fioleck (front center)

Bonzai Bonnie Warch, CA  in action.  Oxygen masks may be required !

WHO SAY's WOMEN CAN't perform Freestyle moves ???  Visalia's  Heidi Henry, executes a can-can .  Heidi can regularly be seen executing tricks and whoo-hooing the crowds during races as her pure love for the sport shines through.


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