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DMSports "We Put You First!"

Round 1-DM Sports Women's World Series MX Championships
Raemish/Keuntjes/Hodges Survive Mudd-o-cross

Hardrock, Ocala, FL
March 4, 2001
By: Debbie Matthews

Round 1 of the DM Sports Womens World Series MX Championships in Ocala, Florida kicked off Bike Week in nearby Daytona.  Clear skies and warm weather greeted the riders all week, but come race day, Mother Nature had other ideas in mind.

By 6: 00 AM race morning, the winds kicked up and blew in a torrential storm, and with it, slim hopes of getting the races underway.  As the rain continued to pound the ground, many of the male riders gave up and headed home.  The women riders however, had traveled great distances from as far away as Canada, California, Ohio and Wisconsin to run the opening round of the Championships, and no one was leaving. 

The track promoters, recognizing the determination of the women riders, braved the conditions and opened up practice.  Many portions of the track were closed, as they were impassable. 

 The rain continued its onslaught, determined to send the riders and spectators packing.  With no let up in the heavy rain, riders negotiated the track, with mini riders../ocala-wml13_2.JPG (556403 bytes) almost disappearing under the wake they created as they fought and sloshed their way around the track.  With a Championship on the line, it was determined that the modified track was passable, although barely.  Motos were shortened from 25 min to five laps, to ensure everyone would get at least one moto, with Pros and Amateurs run together. 

As the gate dropped for moto 1,Tiffany Reed-OH (MC Gear, WSMX, Scott, Maxima, Shoei, Motion Pro, Cti, Boyesen, Ohio Motorsports, Brad Wood Suspension, EVS) holeshot the moto, but not before colliding with Raemish as they hit the first jump.  Tiffany, never raced in the mud before, and was leading some of the worlds best.  Kirsten Raemisch-WI coming off a recent knee surgery was a half bike behind with Angie Keuntjes-FL/WI transplant hot on her heels in third.  Fourth was held by April Hodges of West Palm Beach, with Leah Cantrell-GA (Fox, SYD, Oakley, Suzuki, Swaney Desgns) sliding her way into the top 5.  

Raemish and Keuntjes made quick work of Reeds inexperience in the muddy conditions and took over the top two positions.  Reed held her composure in third, quickly learning the tricks of the trade to keep pace with the leaders.  Raemisch was a little skittish the day before the event, concerned about the readiness of her knee.  Raemish showed no such concerns during the moto as she distanced herself from Keuntjes and Reed

Hodges (Powersports of Palm Beach, WMR, Scott, Engine Ice, Carbon Tech, One Ind.) stole third from Reed and closed up on the leaders.  Reed still held a safe distance over Patty Whitehouse on the Palmetto,Fox, GB Works, So Cal, No Toil, Engine Ice Suzuki in fifth.  Whitehouse held no such luxury as she was being heavily pressured by a fast charging Leah Cantrell.  Jennifer Veltre was also entrenched in the battle along with Danni Russell riding for FEW racing, Lana Karnow and Kimberly Kocher

Cantrell wouldnt be denied and slithered her way past Reed into fourth.  Cantrell consistently held some of the fastest laps aboard the Suzuki, suffering only from a poor gate.  

Raemish and Keuntjes continued to hammer the track and each other oblivious of the battle raging behind.  Cantrell now had Hodges in her sights, but the moto was winding down.  Cantrell pulled out all the stops swapping through the slime in a desperate attempt to nip Hodges at the flag.  It was not to be.  With Cantrell climbing up Hodges exhaust as the two hit the final table, double, double, Cantrell made a small error giving Hodges the breathing room she needed to nail third.  Reed, slipped back to fifth after getting cross rutted on the final lap, followed by Whitehouse, Veltre, Karnow and Russell who settled their battle in the waning moments of the race with Kocher rounding out the top 10. 

With no let up in the downpour, Moto 2 became a question of survival.  By now the track was a virtual sea of mud.  Riders sloshed their way around a track with two feet of watered down mud in a continual downpour.  Raemish holeshot the moto with Keuntjes running tandem.  Reed was running third with Hodges fourth and Russell rounding out the top five.  

The conditions were so bad, goggles were tossed and motors sucked so much water that they barely finished or quit all together. Cantrell was one such victim.  Cantrell racing in both the mini and amateur divisions had just about all the poor luck and great riding she could handle.  Coming off another dismal start was Cantrell with Whitehouse, Veltre, Karnow and Kocher in tow.  Little passing was attempted as the primary goal was to finish.  Cantrell despite a very sick motor caught and passed Russell for fifth at the halfway point, while Karnow dropped Veltre a notch the following lap.  The finish order remained the same with Raemisch taking the checkered over Keuntjes, Reed, Hodges and Cantrell.  Raemisch was beaming following the race.  I won today, because my left knee is screwed up, but the track today was pretty much all right turns joked Raemisch who took the overall in the Amateur division.  Once I get strong enough, I hope to ride pro, but for now, this gives me a big confidence boost.  Keuntjes, by virtue of her runner up finishes, took the pro class win over Reed and Veltre.  Said Keuntjes, I just wanted to ride smart and safe in these conditions.  I could have passed Kirsten, but it would have been really risky.  

In the 60-105 class April Hodges took the holeshot with Kimberly Kocher following.  Still reeling from nearly watering out the first moto, Cantrell, missed the start of the moto in a big way and started off nearly a quarter of the track behind.  While Hodges pulled out a big lead over Kocher, Cantrell was riding the wheels (and motor) off her RM 80.  By lap three, riding with wild abandon, Cantrell closed to the back wheel of Kocher.  Kocher held her ground , making Cantrell ride off line.  Cantrell kicked in the burners and rebounded past Kocher in the following table, double, double section to claim the second spot.  Cantrell was unable to make up the distance on the fast starting Hodges at the flag. 

Moto 2 of the 60-105 class held a surprise holeshot by Kocher.  Kocher used her monstrous holeshot to her advantage over Hodges in second, followed by Cantrell.  With back-to-back motos, Cantrells bike, which sucked water in the previous amateur moto, was barely running.  Hodges, pushed and probed Kocher but found little to go on.  Cantrell was pinning the RM for all it was worth in an effort to keep it running long enough to finish the moto.  Kocher, had it all together the final moto and romped to the win wire to wire over Hodges and Cantrell.  As the riders pulled off the track following the moto, Amateur and Pro riders tackled Cantrell dropping her into the muddy goo in a show if support for her valiant efforts.  The somber Cantrell broke out into a smile and tossed some mud of her own towards her comrades.  

The Series, with heavy industry backing, continues to boast the largest total cash, prize and contingency payout in the history of Women's racing, ($ 75,000) and has been home to some of the best women's racing ever showcased.  

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Round 2-DM Sports Women's World Series MX Championships
Patterson/Davis/Hodges Strike Gold
Mosier Valley, TX
March 17-18, 2001

By: Debbie Matthews

 With just 2 rounds of the series completed, the battle lines for the championship are../amateur_action-GNC_moto2.jpg (630481 bytes) already being drawn.  In the pro class, Jessica Patterson (Chevy Truck Kawasaki) took advantage of a separated shoulder by series points leader Angie Keuntjes to draw even in the points. 

 With a $1,000 series bonus to the winner from Title sponsor Maxima, and an additional $1,000 bonus from Motion Pro divided among the top 3, points are all important in this the richest series in the history of womens motocross.  $75,000 is up for grabs donated by Series Sponsors: Maxima, Motion Pro, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Engine Ice, VP, FMF, Mothers, Answer, Boyesen, Uni Filter, Excell, Wiseco, Alpinestars, Ceet, RK Chain, BRP, Oneal, CTI, Scott USA, White Brothers, Dirt Kids and Sprocket Specialists. 

 April Hodges, continued her winning ways in TX, capping off a perfect day in the mini ranks, while Brandi Davis made her presence felt in a big way, scoring impressive back to back moto wins in the Amateur division. 

As the gate dropped for the first Pro moto, it was Jessica Patterson showing the../Brandi_Davis-GNC_finish.jpg (27195 bytes) way collecting $ 100 with an impressive holeshot over Jacki Hudson, Kristi Myers, Dee Wood, Ashley Boham, Erica Cook and Tarrah Johnson.  Patterson left little doubt why she is champ, putting on a riding clinic for spectators and riders alike.  With steely determination she executed nearly flawless riding, checking out early and never looking back.  Wood dropped Myers to third at the start of lap 2 and set her sights on Hudson.  The battle for second became a battle between an experienced gun in the form of retired ACE Dee Wood and young gun, Jacki Hudson.  Hudson and Wood put on an exhibition of their own with young gun Hudson, getting the best of Wood by the checkers.  Ever improving Kristi Myers pulled in a strong fourth showing impressive speed in only her second year of pro competition, while rookie pros Ashley Boham, Erica Cook and Tarrah Johnson rounded out the top finishers. 

As the Amateurs took off for Moto 1 it was an all out brawl headed into turn one. ../m-2_holeshot-gnc-pro-its_all_over_.jpg (40812 bytes) Amateur riders collect a cool $50 per holeshot in the DM Sports Series and it was clear, all the riders wanted the cash as they headed into turn one, five abreast.  With turn one slick from previous rains, Whitehouse appeared to have it under control, but as she hit the brakes her bike slid sideways, smacking Danni Russell, and sending the pack scattering.  Jennifer Squire squirted into the $50 holeshot money over Kirsten Raemisch, Patty Whitehouse, Danni Russell, Brandi Davis and April Hodges.  Davis, quickly established herself as a favorite jumping quickly into second followed by Whitehouse, Raemisch, Russell and Hodges.  At the 2 lap mark Davis had established herself as the leader, jumping the Magnificent Seven to perfection to take over the lead.  Raemish moved into second while Hodges planted herself firmly into third, with Whitehouse dropping to fourth, rounding out the top five was TCRRA Champion Sherri Stephens. Sixth was a very tight battle between Russell, Cherrissa Lorie, Sheree Schultz, Kimberly Kocher and Amber Pickett.  This battle would not be decided until the final corner.  Meanwhile, Hodges was on the move passing Raemish the next lap, with Stephens putting a pass on Whitehouse for fourth.  Davis, checked out, leaving the pack to scrap for second.  The scrap turned out to be an all out brawl, with riders swapping positions so often you needed a pocket calculator to keep up with the action.  Hodges, made a serious error allowing Raemish to retake the second spot, dropping Hodges to third.  Whitehouse got the better of Stephens in the whoops, as the riders came into the final lap.  As the flag came into view Raemisch charged to the back wheel of Davis, but Davis was able to hold her off at the flag. Hodges came across the line in third followed by a very tired Whitehouse with Stephens breathing down her neck rounding out the top 5.  Danni Russell held on for sixth, with Loire, Kocher, Pickett, and Schultz coming across the line a heartbeat behind.

 The 60-105 class featured several riders from the Amateur class, offering a chance for redemption.  Tayler Lacey holeshot the moto, but it was Hodges who came out on top of lap one.  Hodges, livid from her first Amateur moto woes, put her head down and buried the competition.  Lacey battled with Loire for second, with Kocher joining the battle.  At the halfway point Hodges had amassed a 30 second lead.  The race for second tightened up between Lacey, Loire and Kocher, with a separate battle for fifth between Lindsay Myers and Sheree Schultz.  At the flag it was the untouchable Hodges, with Lacey taking a hard earned second followed by Kocher, Loire, Schultz and Myers.

 Moto 2 in the Pro class start was a replay of a patented Patterson holeshot, but not without some added drama.  Patterson crashed in her Open A/B moto with the men, blowing the seat of her pants wide open and shaking up the champ.  As her concerned../Boham-Hudson_battle_m-2-GNC.jpg (22719 bytes) dad waited on the line with her #1 machine, Woods 250F Yamaha refused to start.  As the time to dropped the gate neared, competitors and spectators wondered alike if the two champions would make the moto.  After Team Green made some hasty repairs to Pattersons gear, Patterson climbed aboard, just moments, prior to the start.  Woods bike finally fired, much to her relief and the gate dropped.  Patterson blew into the lead, pocketing another $100, with rookie Boham in second with Wood a close third.  Myers was riding the wheels off her KX in fourth with Hudson, Cook, and Johnson in tow. 

 Patterson pulled away out front with Wood moving past Boham into second.  A serious battle emerged between Myers and Hudson for fourth.  Myers was flying, riding with new confidence and speed for 2001.  Hudson seemed disturbed by Myers new found speed and confidence was clearly a little off in the moto, riding hard, but making mistakes, while Myers was having the race of her life.  Boham was also pressing Hudson, not giving her time to regroup her thoughts.  Hudson snatched third from Myers in the back high speed straightaway.  Myers put the hammer down in the rough back section and set up Hudson for a inside pass.  Before Myers could slam the door her bike swapped treating her to a very nasty windmill get off in the whoops proceeding the corner.  Myers slapped down hard, with Boham clinging to the fender of Hudson.  Boham repassed Hudson a few corners later when Hudson crashed.  Hudson got up, shook off the gremlins and took off after Boham.  Hudson caught and passed Boham in the Magnificent Seven whoop section in the final lap.  Patterson took the uncontested win over Wood, who looked right at home on the four stroke, in one of her first major competitions since retiring in 1998.  Third was Hudson fending off all challengers, with the impressive rookie Boham in fourth, followed by Erica Cook, Tarrah Johnson and an ailing Myers in seventh. 

As the Amateurs streaked off the line in moto 2, it was Brandi Davis with the holeshot.  Hot on her heels was Stephens with Raemisch, Hodges, Whitehouse and Russell in tow. 

Hodges crashed in the Magnificent Seven, dropping herself to the back of the pack.  Davis started to pull away from the pack early, anxious to distance herself from Raemisch.  Stephens was running a strong third with Whitehouse in fourth.  As Davis checked out to a seven second lead, a heated battle for second developed between Raemisch, Hodges, Stephens and Whitehouse.  A few seconds back was another very intense battle between Russell, Kocher, Loire, Schultz, Pickett, Myers and Squire.  Stephens battled her way past Raemisch only to have Raemisch jump past her in the whoops when she nosed into the last bump.  Stephens was all over Raemisch looking for a way past the Suzuki rider.  Raemisch used every inch of the track to fend off the attack.  Stephens, again put her bike into second, but Raemish used her jumping ability over the downhill double to retake the second position over Stephens on the XC KTM machine.  Fourth was Whitehouse over Hodges who just couldnt quite make it past the RM pilot.  The battle for sixth would not be decided until the final corner.  Russell was clinging to a very precarious lead over the rest of the pack.  Loire and Kocher tried to push Russell outside in the final turn, but Russell held her line and fended off the challenge.  Loire, Kocher, Schultz, Pickett all crossed the line within inches of each other, with Squire and Myers rounding out the class.

 In the final moto of the 60-105s, Kimberly Kocher holeshot the moto over Hodges, Lacey, Loire and Schultz.  Halfway into the first lap Hodges took over the point position and began to put a cushion between herself and the pack.  Clustered behind Hodges was a good battle between Kocher and Lacey.  Lacey was applying heavy pressure to Kocher, while under attack from Loire, with Schultz and Myers a few paces behind.  Lacey made a sweet outside/inside move on Kocher and started to pull away.  Loire, seeing the vulnerability of Kocher closed the gap.  Kochers moto had started brilliantly but was rapidly falling apart.  Kocher, feeling the pressure, bobbled allowing Loire to pass and then crashed in the whoops handing over another position to Schultz on the final lap.  A determined and fuming Kocher remounted the bike and set after Schultz.  With a few corners left, Kocher caught Schultz and pressed hard.  The two came over the finish virtually side by side, but Kocher would have to settle for fifth behind Schultz.  Myers rounded out the top 6.


125cc Pro:       1.  Jessica Patterson 1/1(Kaw), 2. Dee Wood 3/2 (Yam), 3. Jacki Hudson 2/3 (Hon), 4. Ashley Boham 5/4 (Hon), 5. Erica Cook 6/5 (Yam), 6. Kristi Myers 4/7 (Kaw), 7. Tarrah Johnson 7/6 (KTM) 8. Angie Keuntjes (DNS)

Amateur:          1. Brandi Davis 1/1 (Yam), 2. Kirsten Raemisch 2/2 (Suz), 3. Sherri Stephens 5/3 (KTM), 4. Patty Whitehouse 4/4 (Suz), 5. April Hodges 3/5 (Kaw), 6. Danni Russell 6/6 (Yam), 7. Cherrissa Loire 7/7 (Kaw), 8. Kimberly Kocher 8/9 (Kaw), 9. Sheree Schultz 10/8 (Hon), 10. Amber Pickett 9/10 (Hon), 11. Jennifer Squire 11/11 (Suz), 12. Lindsay Myers 12/12 (KTM), 13. Tayler Lacey DNS (Kaw)

 60-105 (7-15): 1. April Hodges 1/1 (Kaw), 2. Tayler Lacey 2/2 (Kaw), 3. Cherissa Loire 4/3 (Kaw), 4. Kimberly Kocher 3/5 (Kaw), 5. Sheree Schultz 5/4 (Hon), 6. Lindsay Myers 6/6 (KTM)

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Round 3-DM Sports Women's World Series MX Championships  
Hudson, Drake, Kocher Rule Badlands  
Celeste, TX
April 1, 2001  

By: Debbie Matthews 

Badlands marked the halfway point of the Womens World MX Championship Series presented by Maxima.  The event produced the third consecutive set of../hudson_air-best_badlands.jpg (26314 bytes) different winners in the series, creating a very tight points battle for the championship title and bonuses provided by Maxima and Motion Pro to the Pro and Amateur winners of the series.

 Plano Hondas Jacki Hudson of nearby Bastrop, TX, came to Badlands on a mission, overcoming adversity to score the win in the pro class.  Fellow Texan, Amber Drake dominated the Amateur class, with Ohios Kimberly Kocher entrenching herself firmly into the points lead in the 60-105 class with her win.

 As the gate dropped for the Pro class, Jacki Hudson (Plano Honda, MSR, Pro Circuit, Tusbaki, Just Racing, UFO, Wiseco, Dunlop, Pro Taper, Scott, Shoei, DHMA, Superfast Fuels, Factory Effex, Bailey Construction Racing, Pro Honda Oils, Renthal) grabbed the holeshot entering turn one, but exited too wide, opening a hole underneath for Kirsten Raemisch to squirt through and steal the holeshot money exiting turn one.

 Stunned, Hudson, screamed back into second followed by Kristi Myers (Thor, LCS, Scott, N Style, Altex Electronics, GSMS, Bel Ray, EVS) and Sherri Stephens.  Hudson made quick work of Raemisch (Lake Country Motorsports, Torque Center, Two Fast Racing, Steve Young-All Season Sports, Bell Helmets, Max Power Cylinders), as did Myers, with Stephens chasing in fourth.  Hudson quickly pulled out a slight gap on the battle brewing between Myers and Raemisch, while Stephens, the TCCRA Cross Country Champion ran a consistent fourth.

 Hudson established a seven second lead over the pack while Raemisch pulled to the back wheel of Myers and the battle intensified.  Raemisch gave it everything she../myers_corner-real_good-badlands.jpg (44532 bytes) had, but Myers would not yield to the onslaught and retained the runner up spot to the finish over Raemisch and Stephens (MPM Racing, WSMX, Maxima, Scott, Uni, Motion Pro, Shoei, Sprocket Specialists, Thor, DFW KTM, Boyesen) who overcame a crash to net fourth.

 When the gate dropped for Moto 2, it was again Hudson with the holeshot entering turn one.  Remembering the start from the first moto Hudson held a tight inside line determined to score the holeshot money.  Again, Hudson was to be denied, as she broke too hard and skidded, allowing her nemesis Raemisch to steal the holeshot yet again, this time from the outside.  Raemisch held the point position on the opening lap followed by Myers, Hudson and Stephens.    On lap 2, Hudson made a push to the inside of Myers and then countered with an outside move in the following corner to relegate Myers to third.  With a clean track leading up to Raemisch, Hudson set her sights on the fleeing Suzuki rider and zeroed in.  Inch by inch, Hudson closed the gap.  By the halfway mark, Hudson had closed to the back wheel of Raemisch.  In the back sweeper leading to the finish Hudson moved inside Raemisch to take command of the moto.  Hudson extended her lead when Raemisch made a serious error casing the double leading to the whoops.  Raemisch nearly endoed and hit the whoops still out of control.  Somehow Raemisch was able to remain on the bucking bronc and regain control as she exited the whoops.  The mistake would prove costly, as Myers sensing blood, closed in for the kill.  With the laps winding down, it became a battle of wills and time.  Raemisch was clearly hanging on for dear life, while Myers was an act of precision.  Doubling everything in site, Myers put in a last lap charge that had the entire pits watching the action.  Hudson took the uncontested win, while the battle for second would go down to the flag.  Raemisch narrowly defeated Myers by half a wheel at the checkers to take over the points lead for the series.  Stephens would again claim fourth.

 In Amateur action Patty Whitehouse (FL) entered the turn in first, only to have Texas local Amber Drake pull an inside/outside pass to take the holeshot money at the mark.  Drake never looked back and rode a flawless race to the checkers. ../stephens-badlands-corner.jpg (137301 bytes) Whitehouse had her hands full with a charging Kimberly Kocher (OH), who was using every inch of the track, while Whitehouse hogged all the best lines.  Lindsay Myers was also on the move out jumping Renee Boehrnsen into fourth.  Drake won the moto convincingly over Whitehouse who was struggling with arm pump, Kocher, Myers and Boehrnsen.

 Moto 2 was again all Drake following a holeshot by Whitehouse.  Drake doubled past Whitehouse and never looked back.  Finishing order was again Drake, Whitehouse, Kocher, Myers and Boehrnsen.

 The 60-105cc class was dominated by Kocher who holeshot both motos and took wire-to-wire wins over a vastly improving Lindsay Myers.

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