AMA President, Mr. Scott Thorton, presents Pioneer Patti Carpenter with a historic award, prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the Women's exhibit in the AMA Motorcycling Museum and Hall of Fame located in Pickerington, Ohio.  Following the ceremony, the exhibit was open to the public. 
Participants of the AMA Women's National Motorcycle conference held July 13-16, 2000 gather outside the Museum and Hall of Fame prior to the opening of the museum.

Debbie Matthews (Instructor) Peggy Pender, Mary Sue Johnson (students) and Assistant Instructor Tiffany Reed gather to share a historic moment with our pioneer sisters during the opening of the AMA Women's exhibit at AMA headquarters.

The exhibit tells the story of the long history and contributions of women in motorcycling by honoring some of the great pioneers and acknowledging the hundreds of women who have made contributions in Business, Media, Government Relations, Safety, and Racing.  I have kept the pictures large enough so you can read the information and the names of individuals recognized by the AMA for their leadership, contributions and passion for the sport.  ENJOY !!!!


Tami Kirk's XR 750 Dirt tracker. Tami was the first woman to qualify and race in an AMA Grand National Final on June 25, 1983.  Two weeks later she became the first woman to earn points in a final held at the Syracuse Mile in New York state. 
The Women's timeline of historic events, displayed in the AMA museum, recognizes the importance of the creation of an off-road league for women in motorcycling competition.  The league was founded in 1996 by Elaine Ruff and Debbie Matthews.  This organization was the catalyst for much of  the growth  women's motocross and off-road now enjoy.
Tiffany Reed stands proudly beside her racing heritage.

Invited by the AMA to be a member of the advisory committee for the Motorcycle Hall of Fame and Museum, Matthews has the largest collection of Women's MX Memorabilia known in the industry. Matthews supplied the AMA with the Motocross information contained in the exhibit. 

The exhibit contains the names of 43 Motocross promoters and riders recognized by the AMA for their contributions to Women's racing. 

Listed alphabetically: Stefy Bau, Vicki Jackson Bell, Dede Cates, Cindy Cole, Denise DeVines, Kim Douglass, Sue Fish, Traci Fleming, Lisa Gallo, Vicki Miller-Haag, Brenda Hannah, Nikki Harris, Tami Rice-Hasse, Nadine Holbert, Shelly Kann, Miki Keller, Terry Kizar, Kerry Kleid, Debbie Matthews, Dorothy Mc Gee, Jo Ann Miley, Mercedes Gonzalez-Natvig, Jamie Pamintuan, Jessica Patterson, Dorene Payne, Nancy Payne, Kasey Rogers, Elaine Ruff, Tania Satchwell, Kristy Shealy, Kat Spann, Barbara Speilman, Carey Steiner, Johanna Stenerson, Cherry Stockton, Lisa Atkin-Wagner, Bonnie Warch, Lorie Watson, Gale Webb, Sarah Whitmore, Dawn Winczenski, Dee Wood

Tiffany Reed (OH) was so inspired by the women's exhibit  that she set her goal to have her name added to the Hall of Fame in 2001 !  GO TIFF !!!  
DMSports-WSMX, Inc. was invited by the AMA to conduct a Motocross school and off road motorcycle demo during the 2nd annual AMA Women in Motorcycling conference. The school and demo was so popular that the class sold out and over 200 women street riders demo'd off road bikes during the conference.  Special Thanks to Conference Sponsors: Kawasaki-Motorcycles, Parts Unlimited, Answer-Riding Apparal
The Gathering of the Goddesses-A premier networking event, unites women from trend setting industries, athletes, extreme sports and media to gather for a 3 day conference.  Matthews was invited by the founders to represent Motocross during the conference held March 30, 2000 in Salt Lake City, Utah

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