bd04914_.wmf (9186 bytes)    Students know best!!!!  Here's a few letters Debbie has received:


From: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:34:54 EST


I just read your letter on evolution and didn't know whether to cry or laugh.  At thirty five,  er, six years old I can relate.  My son is 15 and wonders why I refuse to do the doubles and triples like a used to.  I was never at the level of racing that you have been, but I had my days. It's good to hear that someone feels the way I do. My heart says go ahead then I remember those days in a hospital bed and that nurse giving me hell again cause she remembers me from the last time I broke myself up. I guess I just wanted to say keep up the great work with the kids and ladies and your far from being alone.
A big fan on the space coast Florida.


[email protected]

August 19, 2000

Hi Debbie! 

The MX demo in Ohio was fantastic! It was so cool that all those people came out to watch. I died when I saw Karen Davidson on the KX, too cool! Glad I didn't get struck by lightening though. :) Anyway, thanks for putting that on and for doing such an incredible job all the way around of promoting this sport for us women. You're great! Wow, 10th in your series, that's sooooo cool! :) thanks! 

Sarah Schlike

From: [email protected]

Hello Debbie,

I have been meaning to email you since the class. Thanks a lot for getting me out there! I really appreciate the "above and beyond" of getting me the bike to ride and giving me all that gear. It but it was fantabulous! Better then I ever dreamed. Something I've wanted to do since I was a kid. It never occurred to me that it could actually be feasible for me now. Thanks again.



[email protected]

March 27, 2000

Elizabeth was wound up all the way home.  That was was the biggest race of her career.  She kept talking about the race, the lady pros and you have replaced Jeremy McGrath as her favorite motocross hero.  I would like to thank you for everything that you did for Elizabeth.  I know she is looking forward to coming to Mammoth and seeing you again. That final moto Sunday will be one Elizabeth will not forget.  Hope you had a good trip home.

Thanks again,
Dale McFarland
On Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:57:51 -0700 [email protected] writes:

Hi Debbie,
Hope all is going well. We are looking forward to your arrival on Thursday.  I had a race yesterday and did so poorly, I'm very much in need of the confidence boost your school provides. Your school this coming weekend was the talk of the track yesterday. There were quite a few jealous guys there who seemed willing to don a lady's wig and fake boobs in order to participate.       


From:[email protected] 

July 19, 2000

 As a student of Debbie's motocross school at the AMA conference, you  all should know that she is an excellent, fun and patient teacher -- as  well as an excellent rider. If you haven't taken her class -- give it a  try.  Thanks Debbie.  Kim Orndorff

From:[email protected]

Sept 28, 2000


Wanted to drop a note thanking you for the great school and all the individual attention.  Adam and I thought it was great. I do believe Adam intends to actually compete at some point and definitely wants an 80.  We both learned a lot and really enjoyed the class. Thanks again, David Poffenbarger

From: [email protected]

To: Debbie Matthews
Date: November 15, 1999

Kids had a blast!!!!!!!!!! Ran into the house screaming to Suzy (Mom) that it was "the funnest day ever!" I might have to put you on the payroll!

From: [email protected]    Date: 12/6/2000

Hey there Debbie,
you probably don't remember me but we were talking a bit last year and trying to get a school here in Canada. Well anyway I just thought I would say thank you. Thanks for all the tips last year which really made my racing season take off. 

I'm not joking.  After I had learned all the tips you gave me, I went to the track not thinking my riding had changed.  Everyone all of a sudden asked how I got so fast. I ended up winning both motos that day and even had a gentlemen ask if he could take my picture, which made me feel good because I was actually getting recognized as a good rider. Anyway, thanks again and I have to say once again that your site is amazing.
Lisa Barber #611

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