Women's School of Motocross 

In 1981, Debbie began teaching Motocross techniques to women riders.  While she longed to offer a school full-time, Motocross wasn't ready yet for Women Racers to be taken too seriously by the industry.  The idea stayed with Debbie, and in 1995, Debbie  planned and created the first Free MX Schools exclusive to women, while a director for the Women's Motocross TEAM.  With the sponsorship of TEAM for the event, Debbie recruited Factory Rider Doug Dubach to be the instructor.  For two years following, TEAM utilized Debbie's skills to recruit Mike Kiedrowski(1996)and Greg Albertyn (1997) to teach the Free Class annually.  In 1998, as the idea gained more momentum, Debbie organized a format for a "Boot Camp".  In 1999, while a Director for the WML (Women's Motocross League), The Boot Camp was born, with the inaugural camp being held in conjunction with the Ladies World Cup MX Championships.  Debbie felt the time was right to provide rider education full time to the women's market and resigned from the WML in June of 1999, and founded DMSports-WSMX, Inc. on Jan 1, 2000.  

Mike Keidrowski teaches a group of women students during a Free Women's Only MX Seminar taught at Glen Helen in 1996.   The event marked the 2nd year of exclusive training for women riders.  
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